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Galaxy Visions is currently offering a well priced plan for small businesses interested in NT hosting. Currently, only one plan is available for NT-based hosting, as well as one for Unix and one for Resellers. The good news is that the NT plan starts at just $4.95 a month, but is this money well spent? Let’s find out.

The NT Plan comes with 550 megs of disk space and 30 gigs of monthly data transfer. While the disk space is a little low, the monthly bandwidth allotment is quite good and this plan is well suited for a small business. Unlimited email addresses and forwarders are provided, but there is no mention of any mailing lists. If you do need to use a mailing list to keep in touch with your customers, be advised you may need to install a second program, or use a separate service.

Unlimited FTP accounts are offered, but you’ll only be able to host one domain with this plan. If you need the ability to host more, we recommend their Reseller Plan which starts at $9.95 a month. This may be a better way to consolidate your expenses if you have more than one site for your business. A website builder is included, as well as a control panel, live statistics, support for Real Audio and Video, and support for ASP.

You’ll get one MySQL database with a 50 meg limit for free, but if you prefer MS SQL, you’ll need to pay an additional $3.99 per month. Given the low monthly fee, this is still well priced. If your business requires an SSL certificate, you can add a shared certificate for $4.99 per month. We always like to see these included for free, particularly with plans that are geared towards small businesses, but the cost is still much cheaper than a dedicated certificate. If you do have your own certificate, there is a set-up fee to install it on your account.

Support is offered 24/7, and is available via their toll-free telephone support number, as well as through live chat, a ticket system and email. This is perhaps the best feature for this plan, given the overall low price. Most budget hosts do not offer toll-free support, and this gave Galaxy Visions a higher overall ranking. This is certainly a cheap plan that offers small businesses enough features to get in business.

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