The Linux Professional Plan from Gearworx has a lot to offer, both in features and in the type of server that runs your site. The standard server has a Dual Intel Xeon 2.8 GHZ processor, 2 gigs of RAM, two 200 gig harddrives and runs on Redhat ES. When it comes to shared hosting, you don’t normally find this information easily and Gearworx is very upfront on the type of hardware they are using.

This account comes with 2 gigs of disk space and 65 gigs of monthly data transfer. 1 static IP address is provided and you’ll be able to park 30 domains on your account, as well as 30 add-on domains and 50 subdomains. A control panel is provided, and you’ll have access to a Backup/Restore manager that can be very useful in an emergency.

Unlimited email address are provided and you’ll have your own personal SMTP server. This feature is not commonly found on most shared hosting options, giving Gearworx another edge over their competition. Other high-end features include the ability to block specific IP addresses from accessing your site, password protection for your site directories and leech protection for your bandwidth.

Site statistics are provided with either AWStats or Webalizer, and you’ll have access to your site logs. Several pre-installed scripts include Invision Board, phpBB2, phpGuestbook, phpCollab and 4Image photo gallery. For sites that need these applications, having them preinstalled certainly helps.

Support for SSL certificates
is provided, and you’ll have two different shopping cart options with auto-installers. 30 MySQL databases are included, as well as phpMyAdmin for their administration.

Perhaps the best feature with this hosting package is Gearworx’s Price Freeze Guarantee. You won’t have to worry about your hosting costs going up, and you’ll have a 15 day money back guarantee when you sign up. There is a $5.95 set-up fee for monthly accounts, but this is waived if you decide to go with their quarterly or yearly option. Support is provided via Live Chat or through a ticket system, but Gearworx doesn’t not state if this support is 24/7.

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