GeneralHosting currently has four NT-based hosting plans, all of which are reasonably priced and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For this review, we’re going to see if Plan 1 can combine value with enough features for the average small business or personal site.

This plan comes with 2 gigs of data storage and 60 gigs of monthly bandwidth, which, considering the low monthly price, is very reasonable. This should be more than enough room for the average site and should allow your business or personal venture to grow without too much worry. You’ll be able to host four domains from this one account and 200 email accounts are included. While we always like to see unlimited email accounts with hosting plans, this is still enough for most needs. An anti-spam solution is included, as well as a web-based control area for your email accounts.

ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, ODBC, DSN, DSNless, CDONTs and ASPMail are all supported and a script library is included with this plan. Unfortunately, GeneralHosting does not go into much detail on what is included in the script library. MySQL is supported, but there is no indication on whether any databases are included with this plan, or if there are storage limits on the databases. This is definitely something to ask their sales department about before going forward.

A free shared SSL certificate is offered as well as the popular shopping cart, OSCommerce. For sites that are trying to develop wireless friendly content, the inclusion of support for WML / WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a definite bonus.

For support options, you’ll have access to two management panels, one for your account and one for your email accounts where you can contact the support team. Or, you can use their email support link for help 24/7. For the money, this plan is well priced and has just enough features to make it a good value for the average site. While we would have liked to have seen more information about SQL databases, this is still a solid plan.

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Posted on 03/18/06 8:57 PM

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