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GetaVPS has a unique approach to Virtual Private Server hosting. You get to configure your own plan, based on your individual needs. For this review, we’re going to use the base configuration to give you an idea of the type of hosting you can expect from GetaVPS. With the ability to literally make your own server, you can truly get the most out of a VPS hosting package without having to pay dedicated prices.

A base fee of $7.50 applies to all configured plans, and from there you begin adding on what you need. We chose 5 gigs of disk space and 50 gigs of monthly data transfer, which are the lowest amounts. You can go all the way up to 40 gigs of disk space and 400 gigs of bandwidth with their current available options. The base amount of guaranteed RAM is 128 megs, and it is burstable, which is nice to see. You can select to have as much as 768 megs of guaranteed RAM.

For control panels, you can choose between the DirectAdmin panel, which we did for this review, or you can select CPanel for a couple bucks more a month. You don’t have to add on this option if you prefer, and can save about $5 a month by avoiding a control panel. However, since they do make it much easier to manage your site, the base price of $5 isn’t too much. One of the nicer features of this plan is that you can select your operating system of choice, much like you can with a dedicated hosting plan. CentOS, Fedora and RedHat are all available, free of cost and they’ll install your selected OS for free.

You can elect to add on Fantastico for $5 a month, or Installatron for the same price if you prefer that script package. RVSkins are also available for an additional monthly fee, and if you’re looking to shave your monthly hosting fees, you can easily skip this add-on. 3 IP addresses are included free of charge, but up to 12 are available for an additional $6 per month.

We configured our VPS Plan with 5 gigs of disk space, 50 gigs of monthly data transfer, 128 megs of RAM, DirectAdmin, Fantastico, RVSkins and the free IP option for a grand total of $35 per month. This is very reasonable, given the options and should provide most sites with more than enough power.

Technical support options include a live chat, a ticket system and a toll-free number is prominently displayed on their site. Support is included free of charge, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of GetaVPS’s hosting plans. Backups are performed daily and your server will be 100% managed. It’s not common to find a hosting company that gives you the option of building your own VPS, and this hosting company would be well suited towards customers with specific needs that don’t fit a standardized hosting plan.

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