Gisol, short for Global Internet Solutions, is currently offering a Unix-based hosting plan that won’t break the bank and can still provide you with plenty of features for your site. However, if you prefer an NT platform, Gisol also offers this option. Their Pro Plan, is currently priced at $9.95 per month, down from a previous $24.95, but be advised this may change in the future.

This account comes with 35 gig of disk space and unlimited data transfer each month. A free domain name is included for new accounts, and you can take advantage of their “anytime” money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with what they have to offer. As always, with hosts who feature “unlimited” bandwidth, we advise caution. Gisol does not currently include information on overages or steps that they will take if you exceed your limits.

Support for http streaming audio and video is included, as well as the ability to stream Real Audio, Video and Shockwave files. Their current bonus includes $299 worth of free ecommerce tools, but at this time, Gisol does not ennumerate what these tools include. A free-site builder is also provided if you don’t have access to your own design software.

This particular plan will allow you unlimited email accounts, SQL databases, domain names, and domain aliases, making it very helpful for site owners who are running several sites at once. An SSL certificate is provided, as well as a free shopping cart and search engine tools for promoting your store.

Gisol does offer 24/7 technical support, but you’ll be limited to either an online chat or their trouble ticket system. Telephone support is not offered at this time. This, coupled with their overall lack of information on true bandwidth limits earned this host a lower mark than other companies with similar plans.

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Posted on 01/18/06 10:11 PM

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