GoDaddy has become synonymous with value when it comes to domain names, but they are also known for their add-ons. While their current hosting packages do offer a lot of value, let’s see how they hold up to the competition when it comes to price, features and reliability.

Their premium plan is $19.95 a month and includes 20,000 megs of storage and 1,000 gigs of transfer. This is in line with what you could expect from a dedicated solution, which would cost at least $50 more a month. You’ll be able to choose between Windows or Unix for your operating platform, and unlike many hosts, both platforms are priced identically.

If your site requires a database, you’ll get to select between 50 MySQL or 50 MS Access databases. You will need to keep in mind that your database disk size is restricted to 100 megs. This is an area where many sites, particularly ecommerce or community sites that rely heavily on their databases may run into problems. It is not noted if any excess fees are involved if you go over this amount, and caution is recommended.

An SSL certificate is provided with this hosting package, but it is not included with the cheaper packages at this time. Tools for running your site include forums, blogging apps, photo galleries and plenty of free CMS, chat and other software scripts are included free of charge. A $25 GoogleAdWords credit is included with this hosting package, as well as other tools for an ecommerce site.

24/7 email, phone and web support is provided, as well as 24/7 physical security at their server locations. Their self-proclaimed “best of breed” routers, firewalls and servers should keep your site up and the daily backups ensure that you won’t lose your data.

One major area of concern in our experience is how’s mailservers run, or don’t run. Reports of frequent bouncing, outages and inability to deliver email are rampant, with many customers being forced to move their sites simply because of this issue. While the overall value and features are highly ranked, GoDaddy’s overall rank slipped due to this problem.

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