GoodyDomains offers everything from domain name registration to hosting packages. They are currently offering a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of their hosting plans, as well as instant activation, free set-up and a whole lot more. Let’s see what their Colossal Hosting Plan has to offer.

For just $14.95 per month, this plan comes with 5.5 gigs of disk space and 130 gigs of data transfer each month. For the money, this is stupendous, and this plan should be well suited to a variety of different needs. The high transfer amount would make this a great server if you plan to serve rich media files, or if you just have a very busy site, but can’t afford a dedicated solution. Unlimited email accounts, forwarders, aliases and autoresponders are included, as well as three different webmail clients.

Several advanced features are supported and include Curl, Pear, Magic Quotes, MCrypt, GD Library and much more. This is very nice to see for a hosting plan in this price range. Unlimited MySQL databases are provided, which is nice since this hosting package includes Fantastico. CPanel is the control panel for this plan, and GoodyDomains promises that it will be kept updated, which is also nice to see. Several shopping carts are included, and support is provided for streaming audio and video files. Support is offered for an SSL certificate, but it is not mentioned if one is included with this hosting plan.

Technical support is provided via an online support ticket system, 24/7 and a customer forum is also available. Given the low price tag, this is decent support, although if they had offered toll-free telephone support they would have been ranked even higher. One of the nicest features for this plan is the price break if you purchase a year’s worth of hosting. Currently, you’ll get 4 months free and a free domain name, which adds up to a savings of around $75, which is significant.

Overall, this plan offers a lot of nice advanced features, a good price tag and standard technical support. With a money-back guarantee, it’s certainly worth a try.

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Posted on 04/20/06 12:57 AM

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