Guide to Free Image Hosting Services

If you are running a discussion forum, or if you need to display images on your site and your server doesn’t have enough room, there are several free image hosting services that can assist you. You can use these services to display community avatars, pictures for your website, and to share photos with your friends and family. Here are a few of the most popular free image hosting services currently available. As a reminder, none of the services listed below allow any porn or adult images on their servers. is very simple to use, and currently offers 50 megs of space and 2.5 megs of monthly bandwidth for free. If you need more space or transfer limits, they do have a premium option. With this service, you simply upload your files, receive the image code and then paste this code into your site, blog or discussion forum. Your image will then display automatically. Photobucket also recently added the BucketStrip, which provides your visitors with an animated slide show of your stored photos and images. currently offers free image, audio and video hosting. There are no file size or bandwidth restrictions and it is incredibly easy to upload a file. You won’t need to create an account, just select the image you want to upload, hit the upload button and receive your code to paste into your site. You can also include a button on your own site for visitors to upload their files.

ImageShack is a free service that will allow you to store unlimited images and limits the bandwidth to 100 megs per hour per image. This should be more than enough for most sites, and this is a great alternative, particularly if your site’s disk space is limited. You also have the option of creating slideshows and their upload tool can automatically resize images. You are limited to a maximum image size of 1024k for each image. is a play on TinyUrl and provides you with image links that are very short and easy to remember. Simply upload your image, get your new tiny url and paste it into your website. Images must be smaller than 250k but each URL is guaranteed to be unique and there is no mention on any transfer limits for your photos. Videos are also allowed but TinyPic does not state if there are any size limits.

TheImageHosting offers another simple way to upload and share photos. A thumbnail is automatically generated for your photo and you’ll also get a link you can paste into your site to display the image. There are no limits on the number of photos you can upload, but each must be less than 1024k in size.

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Posted on 03/28/06 10:18 PM

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