Guide to Free Online Image Generators

If you don’t have your own graphic design program, or if you just need a little extra help creating graphics for your own website, there are several free online image generators that can be of assistance. Here’s a guide to a few of the best services out there.

For the creation of favicons, the small image that appears next to your URL in certain browsers, one of the easiest tools to use can be found at HTML Kit. This service will automatically create your own favicon and recently added the option to creation scrolling favicons. You’ll need to upload your own source image, which can be in either a gif or a jpeg. It should be the required size for a favicon, which is 16×16 pixels. Once you have uploaded your source image, it will be turned into a favicon with an .ico extension and you will be able to place this image in your site’s directory for display.

One of the most popular free image generators is This service allows you to create professional logos and buttons for your site. You’ll have a choice from several different effects, backgrounds and fonts for your creation and you won’t have to worry about source images. All you need to do is select the design you want, type in your text and the image will be automatically generated for you. You will need to save the image to your computer’s hard drive and then upload it to your own website, as CoolText does not allow or support linking to the images that you create.

If you need to make an animated banner for your site, head on over to Creating Online. This banner maker will assist you in creating an animated banner in a matter of minutes. You can select from several stock banners, add your own text and your new banner will be instantly generated. Once again, you’ll need to save this image to your hard drive and upload it to your server. These banners can be used on your own site, or you can use them for advertising and banner rotation programs. Several different styles are offered and most site owners should be able to find a stock banner that appeals to them.

If you want a custom gradient background for your site, or if you just need to create a gradient image, you’ll find an easy tool at Dynamic Drive. Just select the colors for your gradient image, click generate and you’re done. You can also configure the type of gradient you want and the size of the finished image.

For professional buttons for your site, you may want to give Button Generator a try. This site offers a number of free buttons with several high-end designs. You can become a member of this site for access to additional buttons, but there are enough free selections and designs for most site owners to find what they’re looking for, free of charge. This site also offers a menu generator for your site and is definitely worth a try.

If you need simple animated buttons, Animation Online makes it very easy to create your own. Select your style, add your text and you’ve got your finished image. The selection here isn’t much, but they do have several nice designs.

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