HDHosting’s Enterprise Windows 2003 plan is extremely affordable, but is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

The name “enterprise” is usually linked with high-powered hosting solutions and a high price. While HDHosting has a low price, $6.99, the features may be a little disappointing if you were expecting an enterprise level solution. The available disk space for this plan is a paltry 400 megs, and the monthly data transfer limit is currently set to 12 gigs. While this may be enough for smaller personal sites, small businesses may end up needing a more powerful solution.

50 email accounts are provided, once again, taking this hosting plan down a notch in our overall ranking. So many hosts are providing unlimited email accounts, even at this price point, that hosting companies who do not do so tend to stick out. While 50 email accounts would be enough for a personal site, once again, small businesses may need to look elsewhere.

20 MySQL databases are provided however, and for a Windows-based hosting plan, this is rare. You typically are given one database with an NT plan, so this did help HDHosting somewhat. 20 ODBC DNS’s are also provided, which comes in handy if you plan to use your MS Access tools with your site. If you prefer MS SQL databases, you will need to order these separately and at an additional cost.

The server for this plan runs on Windows 2003, and you’ll be provided with the Helm control panel to manage your site. MS FTP server is also provided and you’ll be able to use the MS DNS server as well. Other features include support for SSI, PHP, Perl, CGI and the ability to configure your MIME types.

While this plan does fall short in some areas, it is still an economical choice for smaller sites with lesser needs.

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