Interested in a hosting plan that offers MivaMerchant and still costs less than $25 per month? HelpingHost may have exactly what you need. Their ecommerce plans start at $24.95 per month and offer several additional features that can make running your site even easier. We’ll take a look at their Small Business plan to see what it has to offer.

200 megs of disk space are provided with this account, which is a little light, but should be sufficient for a small store. Only 5 gigs of data transfer are provided, which is again, extremely light. Sites with an average amount of traffic that don’t provide any rich media, streaming audio or video and/or large graphics should be able to get by on this amount. The SiteStudio online site builder is provided with this account to make it easier to get your site online.

An SSL certificate is also provided as well as access to several other MIVA tools, including MIVAMailer and MIVAMarketplace, but be advised the MIVA tools are subject to additional licensing fees. Only 1 MySQL database is provided, which may crimp many sites, particularly if they were planning on using a content management system that requires a database.

A $50 credit with Yahoo! Sponsored Search is provided when you sign up for an account and HelpingHost is currently offering same-day activation for new accounts. Several site statistic options are available, including AwStats, Modlogan and Webalizer. For an additional fee, you can add either Urchin 5.0 or Statsinabox. With Google’s new free analytic program however, you most likely won’t need to pay extra for a stat program.

Support is offered 24/7, but appears to be limited to online tutorials, a FAQ and some articles. The contact page for their support department would not load, so we highly recommend checking with their sales department before purchasing an account to determine how you can contact supprt should you need any assistance.

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