HitHosting.net has three different hosting plans that start at $3.95. Currently, the company is featuring several specials which include a free set-up, a free first month of hosting and a free domain name. Let’s take a look at their Business Plan to see what it has to offer.

This plan starts at $14.95 per month and features 4 gigs of disk space and 40 gigs of monthly data transfer. Given the low monthly price, these limits are quite good. 400 email accounts are included, as well as the standard aliases, forwarders and autoresponders. Secure Email, or A-Pop as they refer to it is offered, and the company recently added anti-virus and spam controls to all of their email products.

A control panel is provided, but HitHosting does not go into detail on whether it is a proprietary panel or one of the more well known panels. Support is provided for PHP, Java, Perl, ASP and SSI. Unlike many shared hosting plans in this price range a free dedicated IP address is also provided. This is nice to see, particularly for businesses that already have their own SSL certificate which requires this option. SSL certificates are supported, but once again, HitHosting doesn’t specify whether a free shared SSL certificate is provided.

The servers at HitHosting are monitored 24/7, and free email technical support is offered with this plan. We would have liked to have seen more support options, such as at least an online ticket system for their customers. Overall, this plan is well priced and offers key features. However, a lack of documentation on their sales page detracts from the value. Although databases are supported, there is no indication on which type of databases you can use and how many you will be allowed.

If HitHosting improves their sales page, their sales would most likely improve as well. With just a little extra documentation, this plan would have received a higher overall rating.

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Posted on 03/21/06 2:58 AM

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