Is HonestWebHost really an honest hosting company with budget priced hosting plans? Let’s find out.

At $2.59 a month for HonestWebHost’s Plan 2, it certainly is hard to find a host that can match them. Keep in mind however, that this plan is only available when purchased on a yearly basis, bringing the total cost to $32.28. Still, that is extremely cheap. If you’re looking for even cheaper hosting, their smaller plans go for under $6.00 a year. But what can you really expect from a hosting company that charges this little? With this company, you’ll get 100 megs of storage and 2 gigs of transfer. Not a lot by any stretch of the imagination, but for personal sites, this may be sufficient.

All accounts feature instant activation and your own CGI directory. This is a nice feature that many budget hosts omit, and if you plan on using several CGI scripts on your site, this is definitely a plus. 11 scripts come pre-installed with the site, but they do not mention what these scripts are in their documentation. Most likely they include the usual guestbook, counter and other common utilities.

MySQL and PHP are also supported, and you’ll have the ability to password protect your directories, customize your error pages and use their on-demand backup utility. So far, so good, but what else do they provide? A shopping cart, file manager, discussion forum, hotlink protector, and a chat room are also provided with this plan.

HonestWebHost doesn’t mention if their technical support is provided around the clock, but you will be able to use their online troubleshooter, support desk and knowledgebase if you run into any difficulties. At this price, you really can’t expect much support, but these features are nice.

All in all, if you have a tiny site and you don’t want to break the bank hosting it, this plan would be an economical choice.

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Posted on 01/26/06 12:42 AM

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