Host519 offers four Linux based hosting plans ranging from entry-level hosting to advanced professional hosting. The plans are well priced and offer a variety of extras that are well suited to many different applications. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their Linux Professional Plan, which starts at $26.95 per month. Currently, Host519 does not require a set-up fee for any of their hosting plans.

8 gigs of data storage and 80 gigs of monthly data transfer come with this plan. For the money, these levels are spectacular and Host519 has done a good job creating hosting accounts that are very competitive with top-level hosting companies that have a lot more buying power. You can host up to 5 domains with this account and unlimited email addresses are provided. This makes this plan well suited for a small start-up reseller business, or for a company that runs more than one site.

Fantastico and CPanel are provided and this plan supports CGI, SSI, PHP, PERL and PYTHON. 5 MySQL databases are provided, which is a little low, considering the type of plan being offered, and this is the only glaring downside for this plan. The inclusion of a few more databases or even an unlimited amount of databases would have resulted in a higher overall ranking for Host519 in our directory.

You’ll be able stream audio and video files with this server, as well as schedule your own CRON jobs, password protect directories, and create your own custom error pages. A web-based file manager is provided and unlimited FTP accounts are also included. FrontPage extensions are supported, and Host519 monitors their systems 24/7.

Support options are limited to priority email support, or live chat when available. Email support is 24/7, or if you have an emergency, they also provide an emergency pager number, which is nice to see. Overall, this plan only makes a wrong step in two areas, databases and support. However, overall, it’s a good deal for the money and should pack enough power for a small or medium sized business site, large personal site or a developer site.

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Posted on 04/18/06 8:36 PM

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