HostConcept has many different hosting plans for all different types of solutions. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their Private Label Hosting plans, which offer a unique way to have the freedom of a dedicated server without the hefty price tag. Let’s see what the PRI Enterprise Plan has to offer.

This plan starts at $39.95 for the month-to-month payment option and drops down to $33.95 if you pay annually. Currently, there is no set-up fee, but the fee is normally $25 when there is no special running. This plan offers 9 gigs of data storage and 90 gigs of monthly bandwidth, which are both quite generous for this price point. You’ll be able to host as many domains as you would like on this account, which is another nice feature.

Unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP account are provided. You’ll also get a free dedicated IP address, private DNS servers and virus protection for your email. Currently, HostConcept is offering Cpanel, WebHostManager and Fantastico with this plan, absolutely free. This is where this plan is most likely the strongest, since most dedicated solutions will require extra money for any of these applications.

Since this is private label hosting, you’ll be able to brand your control panel, your nameservers, billing software and more. This truly gives you the ability to look professional, and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server while keeping your profit margin high.

Technical support is provided via an online support desk 24/7. It would have been nice to see at least some form of telephone support offered with this plan, but for the money, this is still a great solution for resellers or large sites that want a little more freedom than a shared hosting plan can provide.

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Posted on 03/23/06 1:59 AM

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