Looking for a dedicated server that won’t break the bank? Let’s see if HostGator has the features you need.

One of the best things about HostGator’s Dedicated Server plan is that they offer server management and a control panel at no extra charge. This is an area where many hosts abandon their customers, or charge hefty monthly fees. The provided site control panel is the popular CPanel and you will also get WebHostManager, which is very useful if you plan to resell space on your server. Whether you’re looking to start up a reseller business or your site just needs more room and resources, this plan is certainly worth the money.

Another plus is HostGator’s lack of a set-up fee and their lack of a contract. Finding a host that doesn’t require a long term contract is beneficial, particularly if you end up having problems down the road. Now that we have all of the account specifics out of the way, let’s take a look at the features.

Fantastico is provided, as well as support for FrontPage, ImageMagick, streaming audio and video, a CGI library, Urchin web statistics as well as Analog and Webalizer and you’ll have the ability to access your raw logs. Three shopping carts are provided, as well as support for private SL certificates. HostGator’s documentation does not state whether a free, shared SSL certificate is provided, so you would need to make plans to purchase your own certificate if you need one for your site.

The server’s hard drive will give you 80 gigs of storage space, and 1200 gigs of monthly data transfer is provided. This is an extremely generous amount and should work for even the busiest reseller business or large site. 24/7 telephone, email, IM, chat and email support is provided for all HostGator customers at no additional charge.

This is a fully-featured dedicated hosting package that is reasonably priced and offers a level of support that beginners and even seasoned professionals will appreciate.

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