Hosting Industry Briefing for 03/21/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 03/21/2006 Announces Free Giveaway for Startups

Goofi, a provider of live, interactive CRM chat services, announced today that they are giving away a free application to start-up companies. This application includes a chat utility with audio and video features and can be used to deliver messaging capabilities to a company’s customers.

“With video ‘see me’ features and crystal clear audio, Goofi takes the live chat customer support model to the next level.” according to Mr. Ariel Zriel, CEO of CIB Systems, who went on to say “And we want to make sure that all new e-commerce companies have the opportunity to prove to themselves that live chat increases customer loyalty and sales.”

The offer is only good for a limited time.

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XO Communications Expands Ethernet Footprint

XO Communications, the parent company of Concentric Hosting, announced today that they have significantly expanded their Ethernet footprint with the addition of 60 metropolitan markets.

“The ability to extend the reach of XO Ethernet Services will be a major boost to business customers as they grapple with an ever-expanding world of content and applications across geographically diverse locations,” said Charlie Cary, vice president of marketing at XO Communications. “In addition XO Ethernet Services eliminate network bottlenecks and unnecessary costs to improve the operation, management, and performance of their vital communications infrastructure.”

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Revlon Picks WebSideStory for Analytics announced today that they have selected WebSiteStory to provide their company with analytic data for their new Vital Radiance product which will hit stores in a few days. The cosmetic giant is relying on this new product launch to bring a further level of visibility to their products.

“ is a key part of our marketing strategy so it was important to have the site fully instrumented at launch,” said Angelyn McSwain, web manager for Revlon. “The WebSideStory team took the time to understand our needs and worked overtime to help us get our site measurement up and running.”

“Revlon is a world leader in cosmetics and we are proud to help them with this important product launch,” said Rand Schulman, CMO of WebSideStory. “Our team prides itself on being responsive to customer needs, whatever they may be. We look forward to helping Revlon achieve its goal of building a strong customer base and increasing sales.”

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Famoodle Launches

A new free site geared towards families launched today and has been dubbed the “MySpace for Families” by its users. Famoodle allows families to stay in touch all over the world with free photo and blog sharing.

“We wanted to create a family oriented social network where families could post pictures, share blogs, and more, in a more mature environment than other social networks” said Adir Levy, creator of Famoodle. “Until now, social networks have focused on attracting a young crowd interested in flirting and dating. Famoodle is geared towards families who want to have wholesome fun with other families.”

According to the company’s press release, Famoodle allows families to create a central site, where they can all contribute and then network with other families.

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