Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 02/22/2006

Here’s your daily hosting industry news briefing for 02/22/2006

GeoTrust Announces Support for High Assurance SSL Certificates

GeoTrust, one of today’s foremost issuer of digital certificates announced today they will offer support for High Assurance SSL certificates. These new certificates will provide an even higher level of verification for businesses and are believed to be poised to become the new standard.

Neal Creighton, the CEO of GeoTrust stated today, “We took a leading role in this initiative, which has brought together the industry’s major browser developers and Certificate Authorities, as well as companies such as RSA Security and Identrus, because we know that it’s critically important to find new ways to enhance online trust. By creating a new and higher standard for verifying organizations, the High Assurance SSL certificate standard will help to restore the type of business innovation that the Internet promises.”

This new certificate should assist consumers in readily identifying sites that are phishing for their data and the new specifications behind the certificate are expected to be finalized within the next few months.

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NetNames Combines Trademark and Domain Name Search

In the past, finding a great domain name and checking to make sure the name had not been trademarked was a two-step process, and one that many companies neglected to see through. Thanks to NetNames, it is now possible to combine both searches into one, which should reduce common infringement problems.

Jonathan Robinson, COO at NetNames, said: “One of the most important yet difficult aspects of establishing a new brand is selecting the right name. There has been a growing demand in the market for greater visibility of potential trademark infringements.”

You can perform your search free of charge and NetNames will flag any results that may result in a trademark infringement. In the event that there may be a conflict, you can opt for the paid service which will provide you with the trademark holder’s details.

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WebSitePulse Officially Launches Its New Web Performance Measurement System

WebSitePulse announced today that they have launched a new web performance measurement tool with advanced features that will provide better tracking, reporting and diagnostic information for their customers. The new tools should assist site owners in decreasing downtime, spotting potential problems and get a better idea of their site traffic.

“Our advanced proprietary solutions and technology reflect the needs and the expectations of our customers, and puts them in control”, says Iavor Marinoff—CEO of WebSitePulse. “They can benefit from the unprecedented flexibility of our system, resulting in the highest levels of customization and savings for them. The re-engineered and redesigned service platform is the latest demonstration of our efforts, and signals our intentions to emphasize on web-performance management model rather than on the pure web-performance measurement,” adds Marinoff. “The overwhelming response to the largest promotional campaign in our industry during the Holidays provided us with valuable feedback about our system, and with enough confidence that our customers, friends, and fans got our message: we could be successful only if we are part of their own success. And this makes us very optimistic about 2006”, concludes Marinoff.

Although this is a fee based service, new customers will receive a fully-functional trial for the first month of service.

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Microsoft’s Office Live services debut with e-mail, Web hosting services

Is Microsoft’s new Office Live a disappointment? According to some analysts, it may not be suited for large companies.

“Office Live is really aimed at U.S. businesses with less than 10 employees,” said Dean Nicolls, senior product manager of information workers services at Microsoft. “Office Live is giving them an all-in-one solution to create an online presence—from creating a Web site to having company branded e-mail and Web site stats, to having their own shared sites and online business applications so they can keep all their information in one place.”

The beta version of Office Live debuted last week and in all fairness, it will be hard to judge all of its offerings until it leaves beta. This is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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