Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 02/24/2006

Here’s your hosting industry daily briefing for 02/24/2006. Offers Free iPods

Globat Hosting announced today that between now and 5pm Pacific February 27th , anyone who purchases a hosting account with their company will receive a free iPod shuffle.

This special applies to all of Globat’s hosting plans but customers must send in a claim form to redeem their shuffle. The offer does require the purchase of one year’s worth of hosting, but the set-up fee has been waived during this promotion.

“The iPod is one of the biggest revolutions the music industry has seen in the last 10 years,” says Ben R. Neumann, president and CEO of Globat. “With the iPod Shuffle, Apple has delivered a cost-effective version of a high-end product that almost anyone can own.”

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Verio Announces New MultiSite Plans

Verio announced today that they are now offering a new MultiSite hosting plan for developers that are currently using Microsoft Windows applications. Clients will be able to manage several different sites from one control area and will have the options to either create or delete accounts, view disk usage and much more.

“With offerings such as MultiSite, developers of applications for Windows can realize a number of benefits for their company and clients, including increased productivity, technical enhancements and greater cost efficiencies,” says Pascal Martin, GM of worldwide hosting at Microsoft. “Verio’s innovations in this environment continue to enhance the Microsoft technologies they can deliver to developers and small to medium-sized business customers.”

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WebEx Announces Changes to Management Team

WebEx, one of the premier providers of online collaboration tools announced today that they are making some significant changes to their management team. Their current president, Bill Heil, is leaving the company and three other employees have been promoted to upper management positions. WebEx did not state who would be replacing Heil.

Gary Griffiths was appointed as vice president of products, David Berman was promoted to vice president of worldwide sales and service, and Rick Faulk was promoted to chief marketing officer.

“We are excited about the on-demand experience that Gary and Rick bring to our management team. Their expertise in products and marketing complements the proven leadership of Dave in sales and our CIO Shawn Farshchi in reliably delivering services over the MediaTone network,” said Subrah Iyar, WebEx CEO.


iUpload Announces Integration With Microsoft SharePoint

iUpload announced today that they are integrating their services with Microsoft SharePoint, which will provide Microsoft customers with enterprise level blogging and wiki capabilities.

“As the pervasiveness of blogs in the corporate environment continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, organizations are beginning to understand the importance of harnessing this content for the benefit of company communication and mindshare,” said Robin Hopper, CEO of iUpload. “Our integration will
extend the value of Microsoft’s SharePoint by offering a way for organizations to easily incorporate employee blogs, wikis and other content for enterprise use all from within the SharePoint platform.”

Customers interested in beginning this integration for their own accounts can contact iUpload at


Essential Methods Announces Monkey Explorer

Essential Methods Software announced the launch of a new software program called Monkey Explorer that will allow users to schedule keyword searches for specific web sites, and provided the results in a report either on your desktop, email or other program of your choice.

A walk-through wizard is provided to assist new users in scheduling new tasks and creating searches for several web sites at once. This software is available for a one-time $29.99 fee but there is a trial version currently available.

Windows XP is currently the only supported platform for Monkey Explorer.

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