Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 03/03/2006

Here’s your daily hosting industry briefing for Friday, March 3, 2006.

FastHosts Releases Survey Results

FastHosts, a UK hosting provided released their SME survey results today. The results showed that nearly 50% of all small to mid-size companies fail to submit their sites to search engines. This figure is particularly startling when compared to results that show that 66% of search engine users do not go beyond the first two pages of search results.

“I was amazed to see that SMEs are not considering how much they personally use search engines when it comes to the importance of ranking for their own company,” says Andrew Michael, CEO of Fasthosts. “If you are not listed on Google, your Web site might as well not be online.”

Approximately 2,000 businesses were queried in the survey.

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Busy Week for Domain Sales reported that they had two more record breaking domain sales this week, after and were purchased for a combined amount of over $16,000.

Damian Fry of Domain Reseller Solutions stated in response, “Some of the more established domain aftermarket sites are just busting at the seams with bad domains. It takes hours to find the domain that you want amongst the garbage. 911domains has saved the buyer alot of this hassle by being a bit more selective. It also has a much more powerful search feature, vital in today’s world.”

Other customers of are pleased with the service, with one site owner reporting that he sold his brand new site and domain name for a reported $17,000.

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HostGator Provides Services For Two Industry Leaders

HostGator announced today that they are now working with WebHostingTalk and HotScripts to provide both companies with email services for their monthly e-newsletters. Both companies are owned by iNET Interactive and pack a combined amount of almost 400,000 newsletter subscribers.

“ and play a critical role in the hosting industry and we are pleased to be able to provide them with this service,” says Brent Oxley, president and co-founder of Host Gator. “In the seven months we have hosted iNET Interactive’s newsletters, we have yet to experience a single technical glitch.”

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SiteGround Launches Free Hosting Deal announced today that they will now provide free hosting for new customer referrals from their existing clients. The hosting company will provide their existing customers with banners and other tools to assist them in finding new referrals. According to SiteGround, approximately 20% of their current customers are enjoying free hosting thanks to this program.

“We saw that many of our clients refer new customers without expecting anything in return, just because they like our hosting. We thought we may start rewarding them and stimulate them further to recommend our services. That’s how we came up with the Free Hosting program,” said SiteGround’s Marketing Manager, Ms Yakimova.

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