Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 03/14/2006

Here’s your hosting industry daily briefing for 03/14/2006

The Planet Purchases New Data Center

The Planet, a provider of webhosting services, announced today that they have acquired a new 72,000 data center facility in Dallas. According to the company, this new acquisition is their first move towards launching new features for their clients, but they did not go into further detail on what these new features are.

“We are pleased to have the space, bandwidth, and power to meet the increasing demand for The Planet’s offerings,” says Steve Wallace, VP of operations. “The additional data center space will allow The Planet to offer our customers the ability to scale with us as their businesses grow.”

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FastServers Announces Changes to Hosting Agreement announced today that they are changing their service agreement with their customers to include their new 100% network uptime guarantee, as well as their new two-hour hardware replacement policy.

“With these two major upgrades to the SLA we will begin an aggressive campaign that targets larger enterprise clients that have the need for high availability as well as quick resolutions to even the most critical of issues”, states Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FastServers.Net.

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Servepath Marks their 5th Anniversary

Servepath, a provider of hosting services is marking their 5th anniversary. John Keagy, the president of the company commented today that while many hosting companies don’t make it through their first year, Servepath has managed to hit the 5 year mark, and they are currently debt free and moving forward with new innovations for their customers.

“When we started five years ago, there were questions about whether our business model of offering affordable, reliable, dedicated servers would work. Now, half a decade and a technology millennium later, ServePath stands as one of the original group of dedicated server hosting providers that took the risk and pioneered a whole new industry in server computing. We’re excited about the future and plan to continue to grow our business, expand our data center, and launch new products and services to meet the changing requirements of the industry,” added Keagy.

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## to Petition U.S. Department of Commerce announced today that they are petitioning the US Department of Commerce to put a stop to the approval of the ICANN/Verisign agreement that would transfer control over the entire .com registry into the hands of Verisign. This agreement has been contentious, with the majority of domain owners voicing their displeasure over the deal which would allow Verisign to increase domain name prices significantly each year.

“We will not sit back without a fight. This deal is outrageous. It’s monopolistic because it locks in price hikes and eliminates good old-fashion competition. It’s a mistake Secretary (Carlos) Gutierrez can stop,” said Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of “This deal would give VeriSign a monopoly in the “.com” registry—the source of its highest profit margin. The “.com” price should be going down, not up. The fact ICANN ignored an avalanche of negative comments on this proposed agreement says it all,” he added.

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