Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 03/07/2006

Here’s your hosting industry daily briefing for March 7, 2006.

WebSitePulse Announces Fully Functioning Test Accounts

WebSitePulse, a leading provider of web applications and remote monitoring services, announced today that they are now offering fully functional test accounts for server monitoring. This new feature has been dubbed, ‘All You Can Use in 30 Days’ and does not require the user to enter in any credit card information and no commitment to use the service when it expires is enforced.

“We understand the sales mentality behind the typical free trial that encourages potential Clients to pay in order to ‘unlock’ the special powers of the service,” says Iavor Marinoff, CEO of WebSitePulse. “Until now, our Customers did not have the chance to understand the benefit of some of our features and innovative solutions. Therefore, we decided to offer free access to everything, and to demonstrate our full capabilities to them. With the new – ‘All You Can Use in 30 Days’ – approach, we are setting a new standard for Customer satisfaction in our industry.”

The service includes remote monitoring of server errors and provides users with multi-media alerts when errors occur.

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ProHosters Offers SWSoft Windows VPS announced today that they are now providing Windows VPS packages that will be powered by SWSoft’s popular Virtuozzo for Windows 3.0. SWSoft’s control panel, Plesk 7.0 will be provided to help customers administer their servers.

“We have been proactively testing Virtuozzo for Windows and have been extremely pleased with the progression of the product,” says S. Scott Blust, COO of Carpathia Hosting and Prohosters. “We now offer a wide range of fully managed Virtuozzo-powered VPS solutions for both the Linux and Windows platforms to rapidly growing VPS market.”

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SiteBuilder Lite for Mac OSX Released

Homestead Technologies announces today the release of Site Builder Lite for Max OS X. This lite version is modified slightly from the full version of the popular online site building program and can be beneficial to smaller business sites, or sites where owners need to frequently update their information.

Justin Kitch, Homestead CEO and Co-Founder said, ‘’We’re pleased to announce that SiteBuilder Lite now supports the Macintosh. SiteBuilder Lite has been a fantastic hit with our customers since its launch last year, and it we’re excited to extend this elegant tool to the Macintosh platform. The extension of our service to include the Mac operating system is the natural progression of our service offering and ongoing commitment to enhance our subscriber’s overall user experience.’’

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Yahoo! Launches Web Service Application Program Interfaces

Yahoo! announced today that they have launched four new web service Application Program Interfaces and that these new API’s will soon be made available to developers for use on Yahoo! Photos, Calendar, MyWeb and Shopping.

Ash Patel, Chief Product Officer of Yahoo! Inc. commented, ‘’Developers play an important role in helping to enhance Yahoo!’s vast network of services. These new APIs along with new tools available on the Developer Network will continue to foster an environment of creativity and innovation that ultimately benefits Yahoo!’s users.’’


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