Hosting Industry News Briefing for 03/27/2006

Here’s your hosting industry news briefing for 03/27/2006

1and1 Becomes A Microsoft Gold Partner

1and1, a provider of domain and hosting services, announced today that they have become a Microsoft Gold Partner. The company was awarded this distinction after passing competency tests in their advanced infrastructure in Web hosting, Sharepoint and Exchange solutions.

“This partnership allows us to provide our customers with a wider array of software options and new technologies before it’s available to our competition,” says 1&1 CEO Andreas Gauger. “The added technical support coupled with 1&1’s expertise ensures that we will deliver the necessary innovative edge to enable our customers to operate successfully for the long term.”

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Opposition over Dot.Com Agreement Swelling

The Coalition for ICANN Transparency announced that the opposition movement over the ICANN/Verisign agreement is growing. This agreement would put control of the registry in the hands of Verisign through 2012 and would allow Verisign to substantially hike prices each year.

Congressman Robert Wexler stepped into the fray, releasing a letter that called for the House Judiciary Committee to formally investigate the agreement.

“I am deeply concerned,” says Wexler’s letter, “that the Department of Commerce is going to approve the assignment of control of the largest database on the Internet – the registry of ‘.COM’ domains – without adequate time for review, public comment or government scrutiny required of a deal of this importance to global commerce and security.”

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WebPlus Launches Web+ 6.0

WebPlus, an ecommerce solutions provider announced today that they are officially releasing Web + 6.0, a new development language that will allow users to create complex client/server applications without writing complicated CGI programs.

According to the company’s release, the improvements in this version include, “increased stability, faster speed, new and improved installers, virtual hosting support, improved WAP support, new internationalization support, new tags including- webRegexMatch, webRegexrePlace, webRegExsplit and weblog.”

“We are very excited about the release of Web+ v6.0,” said Jacob Lakhany, Webplus, BDM. “6.0 offers many major improvements over the previous version which will allow our user base to use Web+ in many new ways. We invite users of competing products to download Web+ from our website free of charge and challenge them to give Web v6.0 a side-by-side comparison with their current applications.”

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## Launches on March 27th

After a slew of pixel ad sites cropped up following the launch of the Million Dollar Homepage, a newcomer may put them all on their ear. The BigGiantButton site will launch on March 27th and instead of a bunch of pixels, they have, well, a really big button. One ad will appear per day on and at first, the selection for the ads that will be run will fall to the site’s founder, known as Button Guy. However, he did not rule out the possibility of paid placements in the future.

“Hey, we’ve all got to eat!” he laughs. “We’ll approve everything first, but I can certainly foresee allowing select sponsor linking on the button for a day. What you definitely won’t see is us cluttering the page with a bunch of banners, search ads or the like. To me, that goes against the essence of the concept—one page with one button, nothing more.”


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