Hosting Industry News Briefing for 03/30/2006

Here’s your hosting industry daily briefing for 03/30/2006

Aplus.Net joins forces with TiVo to provide an easy means of viewing digital photos became the first hosting company to partner with TiVo by integrating their photo storage tool, Web-a-Photo with TiVo’s Digital Video Recorder. Thanks to this new partnership, TiVo users can easily see the photos they have stored online right on their television screens.

“Aplus.Net takes pride in introducing ground-breaking services like this one to our customers,” commented Ivan Vachovsky CEO and President of Aplus.Net. “Viewing photos on a 50” or even 100” plasma television screen can be very exciting, particularly if it is easy to do ’ no cables, converters, adapters, etc.. With our new service, users have the freedom to manage photos by simply using a TV remote. Our engineers weighted many options when creating this service and I am very glad that we chose to use the TiVo system, as it really stands above the competition with respect to ease of use.”

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Data Centres Europe Predicts Sustained Growth

BroadGroup, a consultancy firm, announced during the Data Centres Europe event that managed hosting services are expected to continue to grow throughout Europe. Unfortunately, prices are also expected to grow throughout Europe, a trend already taking place in the US and in parts of Europe.

“What the conference and seminar clearly revealed, is that data centres are set to continue growth for the foreseeable future,” commented Nicola Hayes, Vice President at BroadGroup. “The Europe event which attracts most of the key decision makers will both reflect and track changes in the market over the coming years, and identify the broad range of issues that players in the sector find critical.”

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DomainMart Introduces New Appraisal Model with Likelihood of Sale

DomainMart, a provider of analytical domain name services, launched a new appraisal model for domains this week that should give their customers an better idea of their prospects. According to the company’s release, this new service couples a domain name appraisal with the forecasted likelihood of a sale.

“We are the first to incorporate the valuable information from unsold, listed domain names in appraisals,” notes Tajirian. “This methodology represents another step forward in the quest to come up with better estimates of domain name value and to increase price efficiency of domain name marketplaces,” adds Tajirian.

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Limelight Networks Adds Mydeo to Rapidly Growing European Customer Base

Limelight Networks announced this week that they have become the content provider network for Mydeo, a UK based video streaming service. Mydeo will take advantage of this partnership to provide their customers with a higher standard of performance and reliability thanks to Limelight’s status as the leader in digital content delivery.

“Mydeo’s decision to go with Limelight marks the latest of our successes in the European market,” said George Meek, Director of European Business Development, Limelight Networks. “Our partnership leverages Limelight’s global network to give Mydeo’s customers the same high performance streaming video that major media companies provide their high-end corporate customers. As a result, the casual home video maker can now enjoy the quality and reliability of a professional-class streaming video platform, something they would never have been able to purchase as an individual.”

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