Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/04/2006

Here’s your hosting industry news briefing for 04/04/2006

Active 24 Adds New Hosting Plans

Active24, a provider of hosting services, announced today that they have added two new hosting plans that are designed to assist small businesses in developing an online presence.

According to the company’s press release, “Active Home is a complete consumer package while Active Business offers a complete set of tools for small and medium-sized businesses. The new packages offer such features MS SharePoint, Blog, Sitebuilder, Net Album and SQL and include everything users need to create their Web sites and expand their online business.”

“We are very proud to finally launch our new packages and are convinced that this will be a success in the market,” says Jaap Zuiderveld, CEO of Active 24. “Our vision is to gain the position as the preferred choice in the market and we believe this preeminent offer is going to make that happen.”

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CFDynamics Sponsors CFUnited Conference

CFDynamics, a leading provider of Cold Fusion hosting solutions announced that they are sponsoring the CFUnited Conference, which will take place between June 28th and July 1st, 2006. The event is “run by developers for developers” according to the company and “unites the ColdFusion and web development communities”.

“CFDynamics has invested a lot of energy and effort into making the conference successful,” said Jason Egan, Vice President of Customer Relations for CFDynamics. “Our sponsorship is a great way to show our support for the ColdFusion community.”

The four day event will feature seminars, product shows and educational meetings.

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Verio Increases Hosting Capacity

Verio, a provider of shared hosting solutions, announced today that they have opted to implement the Foundation Authoritative Name Server (ANS) to ensure that their domain name customers receive a high level of performance. The company’s release states that this change will “reduce downtime and allow Verio to better meet service levels agreements to its growing subscriber base, claims the company.”

“With our level of business growth, we can’t afford delays in service and performance. We implemented Nominum’s ANS on our DNS server infrastructure and within an hour we were able to integrate it into our existing system with zero downtime, giving us the service assurance and delivery that our customers depend on,” said Fred Martin, Vice President of Operations at Verio.

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SiteKreator Debuts New Solutions

SiteKreator, a provider of applications for site creation, announced that they have released a new solution designed to assist small businesses in developing their ecommerce sites. The new Business Edition of their ecommerce solution will provide integration with PayPal, Google Search and QuickBooks as well as assist site owners in optimizing their content for better search engine ranking. Several tutorials, creation wizards and other helpful documentation are also included with this release.

“We believe that every business deserves to have an elegant, full-featured, captivating web site without requiring a huge investment of time and money,” said Ivaylo Lenkov, CEO of SiteKreator. “With the design, programming, and hosting aspects all taken care of by SiteKreator, businesses can now focus on managing site content and functionality to achieve their goals.”

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