Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/05/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/05/2006 Adds RVSiteBuilder

WireNine, a provider of shared hosting solutions, announced today that they are now providing RVSiteBuilders for their customers. This site builder allows users to create rich content for their sites without any HTML knowledge and features an easy to use interface.

According to the company’s releases, “RVSiteBuilder enables users to create Web sites through a step by step navigator, from adding the company name and Web site title to uploading the logo, selecting the templates, editing the template styles, choosing the preferred navigator, creating and managing page structure, editing the page with WYSIWYG html editor, adding extra components and previewing and publishing the Web site. It includes a variety of templates, page layouts and navigator styles.”

“This offering is the latest move in our continuing effort to make Web hosting easy,” says WireNine founder and CEO Ali Khan, “we want to allow our customers to create a professional-grade Web site that will stand apart from those of their competitors.”

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Affinity Launches Windows Platform

Affinity Hosting announced today that they are now offering a Windows Web and application hosting platform. The new platform will be rolled out first with Affinity’s host, and the other hosting companies owned by Affinity will follow shortly.

According to Affinity, this “Windows solution helps eliminate the strenuous efforts of building a Web site by incorporating turn-key Web applications that can be installed with a single click, as well as the ability to easily add advanced applications like blogs and community forums.”

“With Windows as its hosting platform, Affinity can best leverage the vast ecosystem of Microsoft developers to cost effectively deliver valuable tools and services to its customers,” says Pascal Martin, GM of worldwide hosting solutions at Microsoft.

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Gearworx Doubles Hosting Space

Gearworx, a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they have doubled all of their plan’s bandwidth and disk space allotments, free of charge. Reseller customers will also be able to take advantage of these new amounts on their hosting plans. According to the company, this increase is the beginning of several new enhancements for Gearworx customers.

“We are thrilled to be able to double plan resources for our customers,” says Gearworx CEO, William Gregorian. “By doubling the disk space and the bandwidth offered with the shared plans, we’re giving our customers more value for their money and powerful resources to succeed in their online endeavors.”

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Web Hosts Hit With Fraudulent Charges

CNet News reported that millions of dollars in credit card purchases were attempted over this past weekend. According to the company, three hosting companies, Defender Technologies, Vortech and Viper Logic, had $1 million each in fraudulent charges. It is possible that other hosting companies may also be involved.

At least 3,000 card holders were affected. “These hackers got their hands on high quality data, and they used merchants of ours to run that data through the merchant’s Web site, which goes through our platform,” said David Schwartz, a spokesman for Authorize.Net in American Fork, Utah.

It is not yet known where the weakness occurred, either at the hosting companies level or’s level. According to representatives for the hosting company’s all of the fraudulent transactions have been voided, but cardholders are not pleased. “We try to explain to them: ‘No we’re not thieves, we’re not stealing your money, your credit card information was stolen,’” said Kiblin. His company, Defender Technologies, has fielded calls from about 100 cardholders, he added.

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