Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/10/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/10/2006

Typo3 Version 4.0 Launches

The makers of Typo3, a powerful content management system, announced today that Version 4.0 of their software is now available.

“It was time to change our image and public appearance,” explains Rasmus Skjoldan, head of CI & Branding. For the past few years, TYPO3 had been developing its own corporate identity. Now it was time to communicate it to the rest of the world. The challenge was combining the technical seriousness of the software itself with its user-friendliness in a broad branding project. Skjoldan adds, “Along with the marketing-related aspects, the new logo is meant to convey the core vision of the TYPO3 project: the ambition and willingness to share.”

According to the company’s release, the new version include a “new combination of the ‘versioning’, ‘workspaces’ and ‘workflow’ extensions constitute a base for targeted administration and publication of various content, versions and entire TYPO3 page structures, making it easier to control large amounts of content within an organization. With the revolutionary ‘workspaces’ extension, editors can now select a variety of objects (pages, content, even entire websites) all at once and edit the bundle without changing any live content.”


00-X Web Community Launches New Site Builder

00-X Web Communities, a free hosting service run by FacterNet, announced today that they are now providing their hosting clients with a new website builder. According to the company, this will allow them to continue to compete with Google’s new Pages feature as well as other free website purveyors.

“00-X Web Communities is the longest established Facternet site, and enjoys much success. Today’s updates represent Facternet’s long-term commitment to the 00-X Network, and enable 00-X to reach an ever increasing user base.” Stated Anthony Robinson, the owner of Facternet. “00-X is now easier than ever to use, and most people can have their first site up and running in less than an hour.”

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ProfitChoice Helps Newbies Get Their Sites Up

ProfitChoice, an Internet Development Center, announced today that they are now providing a new website hosting service that is designed for customers who have no prior experience in hosting. This new service provides customers with easy templates and numerous video tutorials designed to walk them through each step of the process of designing a website.

“The template system is an incredible timesaving device that allows a user who doesn’t know anything about programming to get a website online in just a few hours,” said Coers. “Even professional website designers sometimes take days or even weeks to put together sites of similar caliber. Using this system, even someone who doesn’t know anything about programming can get a site launched in just a short afternoon.”

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Hosting Serenity Doubles Their Free Trial Offer

Hosting Serenity, a provider of shared hosting services, announced today that they have doubled the limits on their trial hosting accounts. The new limits include 40 megs of disk space, 2 gigs of monthly data transfer, 2 MySQL databases and numerous other features. The length of the free trial has also been extended to 20 days.

According to the company’s release the free trial also includes, “Fantastico, full CGI-BIN access, MySQL w/phpMyAdmin, Tomcat JSP Server, Server Side Includes, POP3/IMAP Email, Web-Based E-mail, AWStats Web Statistics, Custom MIME types, OSCommerce, and more.”

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