Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/12/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/12/2006

TimeHost Offers Free Domain

TimeHost, a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they are offering a free domain name and a free SSL certificate valued at $45 to all new customers who purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance. The yearly cost for the advertised plan is $106.75 and it features 8 gigs of disk space and 150 gigs of monthly bandwidth.

In addition, TimeHost will also be offering a 30% discount on all of their Linux-based hosting plans. In order to qualify for this special discount, all new customers will need to use the coupon code: SPRING when they place their order.

TimeHost will also assist customers who wish to set up an ecommerce site by pre-installing OSCommerce.

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Cool-Hosts Debuts New Unlimited Plan

Cool-Hosts, a United Kingdom based hosting company, announced today that they are now offering their customers a new “Unlimited Plan.” This plan is priced on a yearly basis and features unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as several other features.

“We have access to a vast array of services that allow us to offer this package to our users,” says Anthony Robinson, co-owner of Cool-Hosts. “We will closely monitor the service to ensure that it is not abused, and that all users experience the best possible service.”

Cool-Host’s parent company, Facternet, timed the re-launch of their website with this news today. offers several different web development utilities as well as free hosting plans and more.

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GeoTrust Launches New Firefox Extension

GeoTrust, a provider of identity verification services announced today that they have launched a new extension for the popular browser, Firefox. The new extension, called TrustWatch will provide Firefox users with a utility that determines whether or not a site can be trusted. It is hoped the new extension will cut down on phishing schemes. The results from TrustWatch are integrated into Google Search feature of Firefox.

“Hundreds of thousands of consumers already rely on TrustWatch’s search capabilities for Internet Explorer, and we felt it was important to provide the same trusted search capabilities to the large and growing community of Firefox users,” said Neal Creighton, chief executive officer of GeoTrust.

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.EU Domain Rush Fiasco

The rush to register the .eu domain extension has turned into a “fiasco” according to industry analysts. Approximately 330,000 companies scrambled to register 250,00 domain names, leaving many smaller companies out in the cold, thanks to the “first come, first serve policy.”

“The alarm bells should be ringing for any company which has yet to secure its trademarks in ‘.eu’,” said Jonathan Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of NetNames. “There’s no protection for companies’ trademarks and it’s open season on the ‘.eu’ domain name for competitors, domain name speculators and cybersquatters.”

Bob Parsons, the head of GoDaddy, was quick to throw stones in his blog, citing that the registry of the .eu domain is “inept” and warned that “crafty businessmen” were going to take advantage of this situation.

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