Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/18/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/18/2006

AIT Offers Dedicated Plans for $39

AIT, a provider of hosting and domain name services, announced today that they are providing a limited number of dedicated server plans for just $39 per month, based on their semi-quarterly billing option. The plans feature 40 gigs in disk space and 2000 gigs of monthly data transfer. Customers can also host an unlimited number of domains on this server and will enjoy full root access.

“Customers use these servers for everything from software development and web design to e-commerce and reselling,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive Officer. “The flexibility is what gives this line of dedicated servers their value.”

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ArielHost Rolls Out New Merchant Service for Hosting Customers

ArielHost a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they have opened a new company, Cardservice Kentucky, that is designed to provide merchant services to their hosting customers and other clients. The new offerings from Cardservice Kentucky will include VOIP technology, advanced calling features and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance services.

“VoIP is a technology that has revolutionized the way many large companies communicate. There’s no expensive equipment to buy, all systems are fully customizable by the end user, and overall, it is a much more cost effective solution that traditional landline telephones,” said Ariel Benzakein, ArielHost Chief Operating Officer.

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Remote Backup Software Company Announces Release of RBackup 2006

Remote Backup Systems, a provider of online backup software, announced today that they have released RBackup 2006, the newest version of their popular software. According to the company’s release, RBackup “is the most widely-used commercial-grade remote backup software. The RBackup 2006 release seeks to further the product’s market dominance by enabling licensees to provide unmatched levels of functionality and service to their clients.”

“In this age of loss-leader backup software and service companies RBS is very proud to make some truly fresh innovations in the levels of service enabled by our products and licensees,” commented Tommy Gardner, RBS’ Director of Sales and Marketing. “Companies who license RBackup Remote Backup software offer the most capable and most secure online backup solution in the world.”

The new release will also support BitBackup, which, “reduces the length of backup sessions, makes more efficient use of bandwidth, includes Active Directory and System State backup capabilities, and provides full branding customization by licensing companies,” according to the company.

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New Desktop Application Released For Registering About-to-Expire Domains

DNWare, a new desktop application that is designed to assist users in registering domain names that are about to expire was released today. The developers of this new application hope that the release will even the playing field for domain speculators who don’t have the money to use services geared towards this industry.

“We recognize there are thousands of members in the domain community competing for the same domain names. Often times our software prevails over the back ordering companies, as they are monitoring large portfolios for their clients. If one average domain name is acquired using our software, the small purchase price is quickly justified. The more resources a domainer has working for them, the better their odds of obtaining the desired domain name. We wanted to give everyone the chance to take part in this exciting industry,” stated one of the developers, Dan Rubin.

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