Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/21/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/21/2006

Fireclick Upgrades Warehouse Suite

Fireclick, a provider of web analytic solutions, announced today that they have upgraded their data warehouse suite and hosted application service. The new title of the application is Fireclick Advanced Warehouse Suite and according to the company, will assist companies in determining customer behavior and preferences.

Fireclick is a subsidiary of DigitalRiver, and this new release has been optimized to integrate several of DigitalRiver’s offerings, including the company’s email marketing application and their KeywordMax PPC application.

“With the recent release of our Fireclick Advanced Warehouse Suite,” says Dave Alampi, Digital River’s VP of marketing, “we have added advanced features and functionality to our core Web analytics engine, as well as expanded the offering to include complementary email marketing and paid search bid management solutions.”

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ResellerClub Slashes Prices

ResellerClub, a provider of hosting solutions for resellers, announced today that they have reduced their hosting prices by 40%. The discount will be effective for all of ResellerClub’s web/email hosting plans.

The discount will apply not only to new customers, but also existing customers and will be in effect through October 31st of 2006.

“By discounting our email and Web hosting, we aim to empower our resellers with viable packages that will enable them to increase their sub-reseller/customer base and make maximum revenue,” says Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of ResellerClub. “Additionally, resellers also have the ability to completely customize their packages according to the characteristics of their clientele.”

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UltraDNS to be Acquired for Nearly $62 Billion

NeuStar, a communication services provider, announced that they plan to acquire UltraDNS, a company that offers managed DNS services, for the hefty price tag of nearly $62 billion. The deal is in cash and NeuStar expects their acquisition to be accretive by the first quarter of 2007.

“With the acquisition of UltraDNS, NeuStar will be an even stronger provider of essential services to the communications industry, expanding the foundation for our continued growth and profitability,” said Jeff Ganek, NeuStar’s Chairman and CEO.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with NeuStar,” said Ben Petro, President and CEO of UltraDNS. “NeuStar and UltraDNS are recognized leaders in providing interoperability and security services to the global Internet community. The combined strength of NeuStar and UltraDNS make for a solid foundation of innovation for our customers.”

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AIT Hosting Offers More Free Spam Protection

AIT, a provider of shared hosting solutions, announced today that they have increased their customer’s free spam protection. According to the company, there is a one-time fee for activation, but after that, the service is completely free. The new barriers will assist AIT customers in determining with more accuracy which emails are spam and will also include protection for phishing schemes.

“This is effective mail management for small businesses who don’t have the time or budget to institute intensive self-management systems,” suggested AIT’s Chief Executive Officer, Clarence Briggs. “The real benefit is there is no learning curve for the user; this tool is pre-configured,” added Mr Briggs.

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