Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/26/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/26/2006

Green Webmail?

ThinkHost, a provider of hosting services, debuted what they have termed “green” webmail, a new service that is completely powered by renewable energy. The new site can be found at and is currently available for free.

ThinkHost’s Executive Director, Vladislav Davidzon, explains. “Given our expertise in web hosting, our solid history of sponsoring community oriented projects and utilizing renewable resources wherever possible in our business, it seemed a natural extension to develop What’s most pleasing to us is that we are able to offer this environmentally friendly webmail service to all; absolutely free of charge.”

According to the company’s release, “Among the many features of the service is a calendar, user controlled spam filtering, encryption, anti-virus protection, task scheduler, address book and a powerful HTML editor; presented in a familiar Outlook style interface.”

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Websense Launches Websense® Web Security Suite™ and Lockdown Edition™ Version 6.2

Websense, a provider of security solutions, announced today that they have launched the Websense Security Suite as well as the Lockdown Edition, Version 6.2. According to the company’s press release:

Websense Web Security Suite v6.2 delivers comprehensive protection by blocking access to websites hosting bot command-and-control centers, eliminating non-HTTP bot network traffic, and blocking the launch and spread of bots and bot networks. Additional key security features of Websense Web Security Suite v6.2 include protection from email-borne worms, enhanced protection against drive-by spyware, management of Skype in enterprise networks, and the ability to manage non-Port 80 HTTP traffic.

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CrystalTech Announces New Linux Dedicated Hosting

CrystalTech, a provider of shared and dedicated hosting solutions, announced today that they have added Linux-based dedicated servers to their current lineup of dedicated hosting solutions.

“These Linux plans are an extension of the premier hosting CrystalTech is known for and displays the furthering of our scope of expertise,” said CrystalTech Chief Operating Officer Robert Cichon. “While our concentration in the shared hosting market will remain strictly Windows only, moving into the Linux dedicated market is not a stretch for us. In fact, we have been working with Linux supporting some of our back-end systems for years.”

Two different plans will be offered, and according to the company, “each server comes with a wide range of software preinstalled including the latest, most stable versions of CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Webmin along with Cyrus Mail Server, Sendmail and IMP. Customers can use the included SSH interface to configure a strong Linux online presence by plugging in their favorite applications.”

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Active Directory Integration Software Developed by HostLabs

HostLabs, a provider of hosting solutions for Exchange and Windows apps, announced today that they developed a new tool called Active Director that will allow their customers to synchronize their offsite Active Directory with the one on their site.

“The biggest obstacle facing organizations that already have Active Directory and want to outsource Exchange Hosting is that it doesn’t make sense to manage two Active Directories, as Exchange Hosting relies completely on Active Directory to work,” said Brian Furphy, CEO of HostLabs. “I believe an obstacle is what you see when you take your eye’s off of the goal. We’ve been working to address the customer data integration needs of businesses of all sizes, and now with Active Director, I think we’ve reached that goal.”

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