Hosting Industry News Briefing for 05/04/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 05/04/2006

BulkRegister Releases Preview of New Tool

BulkRegister, a provider of domain name registration services, launched a preview of a new tool called Magic Folders today. This new tool will allow users the ability to easily manage multiple domain names. The new application is also expected to provide domain name owners with a more secure way to manage their domain name portfolios and will save time and money.

“Magic Folders are quick, easy and provide the most effective way to manage, classify and modify entire portfolios or sets of portfolios,” says Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister. “Our previous category ‘Folders,’ launched four months ago, has been the most widely and rapidly implemented tool in the history our system. I can only imagine how quickly Magic Folders is going to be adopted and benefit users. And the beauty of Magic Folders is that there is no additional cost to use this incredibly helpful tool. It’s all part of a value-rich BulkRegister Premium Membership.”

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ResellerClub Offers $1.49 Domain Name Registration

ResellerClub, a hosting provider for reseller solutions, announced today that they are providing $1.49 domain name registrations for domains with a .org extension for a limited time. The promotion will continue until June 30th, 2006.

“Our powerful promo engine coupled with .org promotional pricing will allow our resellers to target untapped audience segments across geographies and cultures. .org domain names for as low as $1.49 will help resellers’ upsell other products and market an attractive package to their new as well as existing customers. We aim to consistently provide our resellers with many such promotions and special discounts that will generate far greater profits and a larger customer base for them,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, ResellerClub.

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WiredHub Launches Reseller Hosting Line

WiredHub, a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they have rolled out a whole new line of reseller hosting plans. The new plans start at under $35 a month and offer 10 gigs of disk space. With the plan, new customers can take advantage of WiredHub’s standard 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as support response times of around 30 minutes.

“We have been quite consistent with one main point throughout the years, and that is we never cut corners when it relates to the quality of service we provide,” says WiredHub founder Yudhishter Sethi. “The goal here is to offer a product that is competitive in terms of both features and pricing, and I think we have mastered that well.”

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DiscountASP Gets the Gold

DiscountASP, a provider of NT hosting solutions, announced today that they have achieved Gold Certified Status in the Microsoft Partner Program, receiving a competency in networking infrastructure solutions and advanced infrastructure solutions

“As a hosting provider that focuses 100% on Windows-based shared web hosting, we are extremely proud to join the expert group of hosts that have recently attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program.” said Takeshi Eto VP Marketing for DiscountASP.NET. “The Gold Certified status provides benefits that will allow us to continue to enhance our product and demonstrates our commitment to Microsoft ASP.NET technology and innovation.”

“Customers are looking for partner companies that can bridge the gap between their business demands and technology capabilities. They need to trust in someone that can act as an expert adviser for their long-term strategic technology plans. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, which have certified expertise and direct training and support from Microsoft, can build a positive customer experience with our technologies,” said Allison Watson, Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Sales and Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp.

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