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A hosting company that is geared towards women? Now that’s a switch! Hosting Serenity’s site claims that they are ” committed to providing women with specialized hosting and support.” Whether men are left out in the cold or not remains to be seen, but let’s see what their Mini Package has to offer. If you just want to give this company a try, they do offer a small, trial plan absolutely free.

The Mini plan comes with 1 gig of disk space and 25 gigs of monthly data transfer and starts at $5 per month. These are very fair limits for this price range and the disk space allotment is hard to beat. 30 subdomains, FTP accounts, email addresses and MySQL databases are provided, which should be enough for most personal or small business sites. Unfortunately, their documentation for this plan stops here, so it’s difficult to discern what else comes with this plan.

Their customer forums didn’t provide much information either, but Fantastico and CPanel are discussed at length and tutorials are provided, which would lead one to think these options are available with at least a few of their hosting accounts. None of their hosting plans seem to provide any additional information, so you may want to check with their sales department if you have any pre-sale questions, or you can post a message in their pre-sale area of their forums.

Currently, Hosting Serenity is offering a free month, if you purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance, and at $5 a month, that’s not too cost prohibitive. A 20 day money-back guarantee is also provided so you can give this plan a pretty good test drive to see how it will work for you. Support is provided via their online support ticket system, or you can head to their customer forums for additional assistance. It doesn’t appear as though the support team is available 24/7, given the “offline” status at the time of this review.

Overall, this plan is priced very well and suffers from one major deficit – not enough information. With a little tweaking on this point, it would be easier for potential customers to see what they’re getting for their money. We always like to see 24/7 support, but at this price range, it’s not too uncommon to have business hours only support.

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Posted on 04/10/06 1:17 AM

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