If you need a Windows-based VPS server, you have undoubtedly found that many are overpriced. offers a complete solution for Windows based hosting that is reasonable and comes with a great deal of features. The starting price for their basic VPS package is $169, which is in line with most Unix based VPS servers with comparable features. will include a customized installation of Windows 2003 on your new server, and you will also receive terminal server access. You will be allowed to install custom software on your dedicated, but you do need to obtain authorization from before you install it. This is most likely required to ensure that your server will remain as stable as possible.

You’ll be able to use Microsoft Management Console to manage your server, which provides control over IIS, MTS, User Management, Index Server and all of the features that are included in the install of Windows 2003. Also handy is the ability to have complete control over your entire file system.

The basic VPS server starts with 8 gigs of disk space, but keep in mind that 2 gigs of this will automatically be taken by your operating system. If you need more space, you may need to upgrade to the next level. This basic plan also features 256 megs of RAM, which is dedicated, as well as 300 gigs of monthly traffic. This should be more than enough for most sites, but if your site currently has more than 15 million page views every month, once again, you may need to look at a higher level server.

This server offers 50 virtual domains, but only the first 25 are free. This is another issue to keep in mind before making your purchase. If you plan to have more than 25 domains on your server, this may be a problem and will certainly add to your monthly hosting fee. However, unlimited subdomains and redirects are offered.

You’ll get to select which type of SQL server you want to run on your server, from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, or for an extra $5 per month, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. Urchin statistics are provided with this account, as well as many other features that you would expect from a VPS solution, such as SLL, Java, Perl, PHP and ASP 3.0 support.

For the money, this is a solid, Windows-based dedicated server that provides functionality without scrimping on value.

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Posted on 01/14/06 10:12 PM

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