HostingTrade specializes in providing budget hosting packages that combine value with a lot of features that are hard to find in this price range. While the disk space allotments are pretty low, the prices are too, making these plans well suited for small personal sites, or for small businesses who need to establish an online presence.

The Web200 plan offers 200 megs of disk space and 10 gigs of monthly data transfer for $4.17 a month. Please keep in mind that this price is based on a yearly payment plan, which is the only method offered by this hosting company. Unlike many budget hosts, HostingTrade offers daily back-ups, a free copy of Fantastico and CPanel for all of their hosting plans. SSH access is provided, as well as MIME type access.

In addition, unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and add-on domains are offered, which is great to see with a plan priced this low. Even though the disk space level is small, there should still be enough room for a small site to grow. In addition, PgSQL databases are also provided, which is rare indeed. PHPMyAdmin and PgMyAdmin are offered for their administration.

Python, Perl and PHP are supported, and custom php.ini directives are are included. You’ll have access to your raw log files, antivirus and spam filters, the ability to run your own CRON jobs and much more. By including these advanced features at this price, HostingTrade has made a plan that appeals to a much wider market, while still be friendly to beginners.

Support is offered 24/7 via a helpdesk and through email. In addition, you’ll also have access to documentation and customer support forums if you prefer this method of support. One of the nicest things about this package is that HostingTrade offers a free 7 day trial of their services, with no credit card required.This should give you enough time to try out these plans to see if their well suited to your needs.

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Posted on 04/18/06 8:24 PM

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