HostPod has many different solutions for web site owners, but the majority of them are priced in the high range. We’ll be taking a look at their virtual hosting plans, of which there are five, that start at $39.99 per month. HostPod does offer the ability to customize your own hosting plan, if you cannot find what you need in their standard plans.

Plan 2 is currently priced at $69.99 per month and features 2 gigs of data storage and 70 gigs of monthly data transfer. The price does go down if you purchase more than one month at a time, with their yearly price breaking down to about $58 per month. As of this writing, there were no set-up fees for any of these virtual hosting accounts.

You’ll be able to host an unlimited amount of domains with this plan, making it very nice for a design company that wants to offer their customers their own space. The limits are a little low for a reseller business, but it might work for a small company. A dedicated IP address comes standard with this plan, and unlimited email addresses are provided. If you need FrontPage extensions, these can be turned on by request. MySQL is supported, but there is no indication in the documentation on how many are provided.

Free domain name registration for the life of this hosting account is currently being offered, which could represent a significant savings if you remain with this company for more than a year. Unlike many hosting companies, HostPod does accept checks, wire transfers and money orders for hosting costs, but only for quarterly payment options.

A free chat room and a script for password protection are provided, which is a nice little add-on. However, this plan was a little light on the features, particularly with available script packages. Support is limited to a form on their website or email. If they had offered more options, or specified the hours that support is available, this plan would have been ranked higher.

The bottom line? The plan is over priced, but may be suitable for sites that require dedicated IP addresses or for customers interested in having their domain name perpetually paid for.

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