HostUltra’s High Bandwidth Plan is built for sites that require a great deal of data transfer, but not a lot of features. There are two different options for this plan, the 75 gig transfer allotment or the 200 gig transfer allotment. For $5 per month or $50 per year, the first option offers 500 megs of disk space in addition to the 75 gigs of transfer. For $10 per month or $100 per year, you’ll get 1 gig of space plus the 200 gigs of monthly data transfer.

It’s unique to see a hosting company offer this type of plan. Both feature a 100 mbps connection and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As we mentioned, neither option has overwhelming features. You will however get 24/7 FTP, a high performance server and there are no limits on the sizes of individual files. Unfortunately, that’s about it. You can only host one domain, and there are no email accounts or other features that most people have come to expect with a hosting package. No control panel is provided, so this plan can only be recommended for site owners who are well versed in maintaining their site through FTP.

That said, the plan does offer priority support as well as instant activation and a free 3 day trial. If you’re just looking for a cheap way to make sure your site visitors can access your downloadable content, this plan would be perfect. Support options include online documentation as well as a customer support area which requires a log-in. HostUltra claims to answer most technical support questions within a few minutes.

Certain types of files and content are prohibited with this server, such as warez, spam, pornography, multi-level marketing and more. We recommend a quick read of HostUltra’s Terms of Use Policy before signing up for this plan to make sure that your site will be in compliance with their regulations.

If you’re looking for a hosting plan with more features, HostUltra does offer several shared hosting plans that include typical features, such as a control panel, MySQL databases and more.

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