How to Sell Your Domain Name

If you are looking to make a little extra money and you are the owner of a popular domain name, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Domain names are one of the hottest commodities on the Internet and many people have made a lot of money purchasing domain names at a low price and selling them for hundreds or thousands of dollars later on.

First, you will need to advertise that your domain name is actually for sale. There are many ways to do this, from simply adding a notice on your current site that the domain name is available, to posting a placer page on your site that lists the sale information. There are also several sites where you can market your available domain name to try to reach more people that may be interested.

You will need to make sure that your contact information for your domain name registration is current to ensure that prospective buyers will have a valid way to contact you. Many people, as they search for an available domain, will click on the WHOIS information to see if they can find the owner for the domain they want. If your information is not current, especially your email address, you may be losing potential buyers.

Once you have decided to sell your domain, you will need to set a price for the domain. This is dependant on several factors. Does your domain name have a high ranking in search engines? This is something that a potential buyer may use to determine if the domain name is worth purchasing. If your customer is a business that is looking to improve their search engine ranking, this is especially true.

Does your domain name contain popular keywords? As more search engines use the actual words within a domain name to determine ranking, this is becoming a powerful selling point for domain name owners. You can charge more for a domain that contains very popular keywords, as opposed to a domain that is simply a regular company or personal name.

Will my domain name appeal to many buyers? As we mentioned previously, if your domain name is a company or personal name, you may be limited in the amount of money you can charge for your domain. However, if your name is extremely common, like or, your odds may improve for better pricing.

Once you have found a buyer for your domain, you will need to transfer the ownership of the domain to them. This process involves contacting your registrar to initiate the transfer and then providing a confirmation, either by fax or email that you do intend to transfer the domain. This is done to prevent domain name hijacking. Again, you will need to make sure that all of your contact information for your domain is current for this last step to proceed smoothly.

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Posted on 12/14/05 9:57 PM

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