Important Windows Hosting Considerations

Now that you are familiar with the many advantages and disadvantages that go with hosting your website on a Windows platform you can now take a step back and weigh your options.

You will need to take a look at what you want to do with your site now, and in the future to make sure that you are getting a hosting package that will grow with you, not keep you back. If you plan to take advantage of .ASP or develop Windows applications, then your only choice is a Windows hosting platform. Conversely, if you would rather use more CGI, PERL, or PHP applications, a Windows hosting package will not be as useful or productive for your site.

By figuring out what you want to do with your site now, you can decide which direction you can turn. It is important to weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages not only of a Windows hosting platform, but your other options as well before you make this decision.

In addition to popular scripting languages, being able to use a web design program that is compatible with your server is essential. Microsoft Front Page is the number one website builder for personal websites and is gaining ground for professional website design and maintenance as well. While many Unix hosting platform servers offer Front Page extensions that will allow you to use this software to develop your site, there are still several that don’t. If you plan to use Front Page extensively, you would be better served by selecting a hosting company that offers Windows packages to make sure that you will be able to seamlessly run your site.

If you are currently using an Access database to store your company’s data, it can be very difficult to change this over to a database that is supported by Unix. Instead of having to worry about database compatibility issues, it makes sense to go with a platform that already works with what you are using. If you do not have the resources to devote to a large project of database conversion, selecting a Windows platform is the easiest and cheapest option available to you.

While Windows hosting packages typically cost more, and it is extremely difficult to find free applications to run on your server, it may still be the best option for your website. This is especially valid if you plan to use Visual Basic, Visual Interdev or other Microsoft applications. While you will be paying more for this privilege, your other options are not viable, again, making Windows your only sound choice.

In the end, your decision should be made on what options will make your life as a webmaster easier, not more difficult. If you are familiar inside and out with Windows, than a hosting package that is easy for you to operate will save you time and allow you to get down to the actual business of running your site, not worrying about how to figure out a new platform.

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Posted on 12/14/05 3:13 PM

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