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If you need to upgrade your existing site to a more comprehensive solution, the VPS plan from InMotion Hosting may be exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the best features of a virtual private server is the ability to have the majority of features you would expect from a dedicated solution without the hefty pricetag. InMotion’s VDedicated hosting plan goes one step further by including extra services that would normally drive up the cost of a dedicated server plan absolutely free.

Three packages are currently available, and for this review we’re going to focus on their mid-level plan. This VPS plan features 512 megs of RAM, which is useful if your site is busy and requires more resources than a smaller hosting package, or a shared hosting package could provide. This plan comes with 15 gigs of disk space, which is a little light, but it also has 300 gigs of monthly data transfer which makes up in part for the lack of available space. If you have a site that has a great deal of traffic but does not require a lot of disk space, this plan would be a good fit. If you require more disk space, their next level plan doubles this amount.

The actual memory quota is 256k, but they do offer 512k of burstable RAM for extra heavy server loads. You’ll be able to host five domains on this account, and you’ll get one dedicated IP address. Set-up is currently free, an feature that can save you anywhere from $25 to $150 over other hosting companies. Unlimited email accounts are offered, and you’ll also get what InMotion calls “Value Apps” which include Postgre SQL databases, anonymous FTP, support for FrontPage extensions, Spam Assassin and a control panel for your site’s management.

Technical support is provided 24/7 and InMotion also has a 30-day money back guarantee. Overall, the monthly cost is reasonable, but this particular plan is lacking in extras that you can find with other hosting companies. It’s a solid solution however if you don’t need a lot of extras and just want a powerful and affordable server.

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Posted on 01/23/06 2:44 AM

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