Integrating Your Shopping Cart or Merchant Account With QuickBooks

If you are using QuickBooks, one of the most popular accounting software packages, you may be able to integrate it with your shopping cart. This can allow you to save a great deal of time and automate your business.

Even if your cart will not integrate, many merchant accounts and payment gateways do. This can greatly speed up your post-sale processes and improve your business.

If you are not sure if your cart or your gateway will support this type of integration, it is important to see if it is possible. Here are some of the benefits of integration:

1. Adding customer addresses. Being able to export a list of your customer addresses from your cart or gateway can greatly reduce the amount of data entry that is required. In fact, you may be able to completely automate this process, which can save you a great deal of money if you have had to hire someone to handle this for you.

2. Updating inventory amounts. If you use QuickBooks to keep track of your inventory, there are ways to automatically deduct inventory units by integrating. This can help you keep track of your stock more efficiently and decrease problems with inventory discrepancies.

3. Keep track of sales. It can be difficult to add new sales to QuickBooks, one at a time. Instead of going through this process, integration will allow you to import your new sales amounts and automatically update your software.

4. Reducing all over time spent on processing. When you can completely integrate your cart or gateway, you will not need to spend your time entering data in twice. This can result in much more time to spend on other areas of your business.

QuickBooks is now offering their own merchant account that will allow you to process orders from within the software package. If you take phone or mail order credit card payments, or if you prefer to do batch processing for online orders, this means that you can handle everything from one location, saving even more time.

If you use or the USPS Shipping Manager, you can take your integration efforts one step further. Both of these applications allow you to import your QuickBooks customer addresses to print labels for your packages.

For busy businesses, this is a great way to save time and get the most out of all of their applications at the same time.

When you are selecting your shopping cart, try to find one that offers this ability. If you do come up empty, you should be able to find a payment gateway that can work with your software and allow you to take advantage of QuickBooks to its complete potential.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:47 PM

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