Interjuncture offers several different shared hosting plans, as well as a managed anti-spam service for providers. Let’s see what they have to offer regular webmasters looking for a great deal.

Their LS1000 Plan currently has no set-up fee and is just $19.95 per month. Further discounts are available if you purchase more than one month of hosting at a time. This plan includes 1 gig of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer. These amounts, while not the greatest, are still in range with most hosting plans at this price point. It’s the other features that make this plan worthwhile.

Several QuickInstall apps are included for free with this plan and include OSCommerce, several discussion forums, blogging utilities, content management systems, chat tools, live help applications and much more. If you’re looking to start your own store, blog site or you just aren’t familiar with installing complicated applications, the inclusion of this tool will be of great assistance for you. Speaking of starting an online store, you can either take advantage of their free shared SSL certificate, or you can purchase your own for $99 per year.

Streaming is supported for Flash as well as Real Audio and Video, making this useful for sites looking to enrich their content. However, the disk space limitations may put a damper on how large your files can be. 30 MySQL databases are provided, and this should be enough for most sites. However, keep in mind that most of the QuickInstall apps mentioned above require their own SQL database. Before you start installing tools you don’t need, make sure of their SQL requirements.

Support is available online but the hours of operation for their support department are not listed. This may be an issue for webmasters who need additional technical assistance, or if you prefer to have your support team available 24/7. Interjuncture would have been ranked higher if they had specified how long their support desk is open.

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