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ION Hosting’s Promo account is currently offering 5000 megs of disk space and 75 gigs of monthly bandwidth, at a reasonable cost. There is a set-up fee for new accounts, but if you elect for their quarterly or yearly plans, this fee is waived. All new accounts are offered a free domain at sign-up as well as numerous other features.

This hosting package will give you the ability to host three different domains, which is useful if you are currently paying for three separate sites. This is, of course, not an ideal plan for a reseller, but it would work well for companies or webmasters who need the ability to host more than one site on a server, and don’t quite need all of the features that a reseller package can provide.

Unlimited MySQL databases are offered with this account, but it does not currently support MS SQL databases. If you need this option, their Premium plan has this feature. ColdFusion MX is supported, as well as ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0. You’ll be able to manage your site through the Plesk control panel, and Front Page is, of course, supported.

For rich media, flash and shockwave are supported and you’ll be able to stream audio and video files from this server. This plan is well priced for these features and the amount of bandwidth currently offered should be enough to handle any rich media your site may require.

A shopping cart is provided, as well as an SSL certificate. You’ll also get site statistics, a CMS, web-based file management, and software to assist you in developing your site. If you are new to NT hosting, this is a great plan to help you get your feet wet. However, even advanced NT users can appreciate all of the features that this hosting package offers, particularly when compared the low overall monthly cost.

24/7 support is provided via their online ticket system and live chat. However, telephone support is not provided. If you run into problems, ION’s flash tutorials and knowledge base should be able to walk you through to the solution.

Windows hosting is notoriously more expensive than Unix hosting, but this hosting package is competitively priced with most Unix plans. If all that is keeping you from trying an NT hosting account is the price, you should have your solution with ION Hosting.

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