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ISQ Solutions is currently running a terrific special that can truly save you some money on your hosting costs. Right now, they have waived their set-up fee, which is normally $29.95, and if you purchase a year’s worth of hosting, you’ll get 3 months free. Since their Starter Plan is priced at just $5.95 a month, this is a very good plan for beginners, or for small personal sites that don’t require a lot of extra bells and whistles.

Only 100 megs of storage are provided with this plan, but it is geared towards micro-sites, personal uses and beginners. 10 gigs of monthly data transfer are provided, which should be more than enough for a site in this class, and should prevent any worries of bandwidth overage charges. Ten email addresses are offered, which isn’t a lot, but should be enough for this type of site.

Unfortunately, MySQL isn’t supported for this plan, which is a major downside for sites that require a content management system, or other application that needs a database. There are many budget hosts that provide at least one MySQL database, so this is an area that ISQ does slip on. At least unlimited MS Access databases are provided though. An online hosting manager is offered, and you can take a test drive from their sales page. In addition, ISQ will transfer and renew your domain for you absolutely free, which does make this plan more worthwhile.

Since this is a Windows-based hosting plan, numerous ASP components are preinstalled and this is where this plan really shines. There are too many to list to here, so here’s a link to take a peek at what they provide. Ruby, Soap, Perl and WSE are all supported and you’ll also be able to password protect your directories, which is always nice to see on an NT hosting package.

Technical support is offered 24/7 through their help center and a help desk is provided. While you wait, you can browse through numerous tutorials and a nice helpdesk. Overall, this plan has a great price, a few downsides, but it’s still a good value for the money.

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Posted on 05/9/06 2:35 AM

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