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iWeb Hosting is currently running a special on their dedicated servers. For $69 a month, you can get double the bandwidth, double the RAM and double the disk space as well as free set-up if you purchase at least 3 months of hosting in advance. This award winning hosting company is the home to almost 20,000 sites and has been in business for more than eight years. If you are interested in this package, don’t forget your coupon code: Dedicated 69.

This plan is run on a 2.4 GHZ Intel Celeron Processor, which should be sufficient for most mid-level sites. Under the current special, you’ll get an 80 gig hard drive, 512 megs of RAM as well as 1000 gigs of monthly bandwidth. A remote reboot option is provided free of charge, and you’ll also get spam shield filters for one domain. This is a downside if you were planning on using this dedicated server to run a reseller business, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem for one large site that has only one domain.

8 IP addresses are provided and if you need more, you’ll need to provide justification for your request. Again, most sites won’t require this option. Level 1 Management of your server is included free of charge, and you’ll have the option to upgrade this if necessary. Level 1 includes 15 minutes of software work per month, 1 gig of back-ups, 24/7 emergency phone support and ping monitoring. The next level up is just $25 more a month, or if you really need a lot of assistance with your server, you can purchase Level 5 Management for an additional $150 per month.

You’ll have your choice between CentOS and Red Hat Fedora, or if you prefer Windows, this is available for an extra fee. For control panels, Ensim Basic is provided free of charge, which is fantastic, or you can select CPanel, Helm, Plesk or Ensim for an additional fee per month. Prices range from $10 all the way up to $30 per month, depending on the type of license you require.

Overall, this plan is very well priced and offers a lot of great features and support. You can easily stay under $100 a month for your hosting costs, even with the paid control panels. It’s easy to see why this hosting company continues to remain on top.

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Posted on 05/22/06 3:06 AM

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