As their name implies, JustaDollarHosting offers hosting for a dollar a month. They have several other plans as well, all of which are reasonably priced. While the $1 plan is a little light on disk space and other features, their Medium Sized PHP4 plan is just a little more expensive and offers a lot of features that have become necessary for running personal and business sites.

This plan is currently priced at $7.95 per month and offers 500 megs of disk space and 4.5 gigs of monthly data transfer. These limits are pretty low, particularly when you take into account the competition in this price range. However, a very small business site would probably work well on this account, or a simple personal site that needs a little more than their basic $1 plan can provide. You can host up to 5 domains with this account and 10 subdomains are allowed.

You will have control over your own DNS, which is a nice feature and up to 5 domain pointers are allowed. Only 10 email accounts and 25 forwarders are provided, which again, is pretty low considering the industry standard amounts. However, unlimited autoresponders and mailing lists are provided. You’ll also have unlimited FTP accounts, which makes it nice for sites that have more than one contributor, or if you plan to use the option to host more than one domain.

DirectAdmin is the control panel for this account and Installatron is the provided script package. This software is becoming more popular and Soholaunch Pro recently announced that their popular site builder was available for installation with this package. 5 MySQL databases are provided, which is always nice to see when an auto-installer is offered. While this number is a little low, it’s a little bit ahead of some hosts in this price bracket.

Virus and Spam protection are provided and there is a backup center to assist you in keeping your site files saved and up-to-date. As the plan implies, PHP is supported, but only PHP4. If you need support for PHP5, they do offer a variety of plans for just a little more a month that offer this feature. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered, and there is currently no set-up fee for new accounts. Their uptime guarantee is 99.5%, which is decent.

A helpdesk is provided as well as a knowledgebase, but they do not state their hours of operation. This plan does have its downsides, but the price is pretty low, and as we mentioned earlier, it would be useful for many different types of sites. It’s difficult to recommend a hosting company that doesn’t clearly state when their tech support is available and if they had mentioned this, their overall ranking would have been higher.

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Posted on 05/15/06 3:11 AM

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