LEHost currently has two hosting plans that are geared towards businesses. For this review, we’ll be taking a look at their Corporate Plan, which is currently priced at $7.50 per month, or $90 annually. Several incentives are also provided with the plans from LEHost, including a $5 domain name registration, free set-up and a free site builder.

This plan offers 25 gigs of disk space and 400 gigs of monthly data transfer, which is certainly well worth the monthly hosting fee. You can host up to ten domains and forty subdomains are also allowed per plan. Only 5 FTP accounts are provided however, which may put a damper on any hopes of reselling more than five packages from this account. We always like to see the amount of FTP accounts match the amount of allowable domains. Another fault is the paltry amount of MySQL databases, only 4, which again, doesn’t match up with the amount of domains.

99,999 email addresses are allowed, and ten mailing lists are supplied with this plan. That should be enough for most uses, since many companies have moved to paid list hosting anyway. 3400 Perl modules are included, as well as support for Crontab, custom MX and A records, Perl, PHP, SSI and custom error pages. The plan’s documentation states that SSL is supported, but it looks as though you’ll need to bring your own certificate, since a shared certificate isn’t mentioned. This also means you’ll need a dedicated IP address, which is not mentioned as an available add-on. You may need to check with their sales department if you plan to host an ecommerce site with this plan.

A 1 hour support response time guarantee is provided, which redeems this plan, at least in part. The company states that their response time is generally right around fifteen minutes, which is nice to see. It is limited to an online support ticket system, but with the quick response, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered with this plan, as well as some other nice features.

This plan would have been ranked higher if they increased the amount of FTP accounts and MySQL databases, but overall, it’s a solid value for the money.

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Posted on 04/28/06 2:31 AM

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