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LMS Servers currently has four Linux reseller plans that make it easy for resellers to turn a profit. By combining reasonable prices with a great set of features, LMS Servers should be able to compete well with other well-known reseller hosting companies. Let’s see what their Reseller 3 plan has to offer.

For $39.95 per month, you’ll get 15 gigs of disk space and 60 gigs of monthly data transfer. While this isn’t the largest allotment for the money, resellers should still be able to create plans that are easy to sell, and since an unlimited amount of domains are allowed, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a profit. Unlimited email addresses, FTP accounts and MySQL databases are also provided.

Enism Pro is the control panel for this hosting package and Zend Optimizer comes installed on this server. Support is provided for ImageMagick and NetPBM as well as PHP and Perl. While Fantastico is not provided, a Power Tools collection is that offers several content management, ecommerce, discussion forum and image gallery scripts. LMS runs weekly back-ups on all of their servers, but you can schedule your own in addition to make sure that all of your data is safe.

LMS Server’s data center is equipped with Fireslayer (â„¢) Anti Denial of Service Protection, TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System and is staffed 24/7. For support options, a support desk is available 24/7, and telephone support is provided during normal business hours. LMS recently upgraded their support offerings and there is an emergency hotline if you experience problems during off-hours.

Although this reseller plan may not have the best price tag in the business, LMS has done a good job of combining enough support options and features to make it well worth the money.

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