As more companies struggle to deal with burgeoning inboxes overflowing with spam, many are giving hosted email services a try. MailFoundry recently announced the creation of their new anti-spam and anti-virus hosted email services so let’s see what they have to offer.

Their hosted email requires you to make some changes to your DNS records when you set up your account. If you are not familiar with editing your own DNS records, you may need to ask your current hosting company or domain registrar for assistance. This change will allow your email to travel first through MailFoundry, where it will be scanned for spam, and it will then travel on to you or your employees.

MailFoundry has one basic plan, which starts at $9.95 per month and includes 10 email users. If you need additional users, they can be purchased individually at prices starting at .99 per user. This price will drop, depending on many additional accounts you may need. It is also important to note that even email aliases count as an email account with MailFoundry, so if you rely heavily on aliasing or forwarders, you may end up paying more than you expect. In the event that you require more than 100 email users, you will qualify for special options, such as monthly invoicing and lower prices.

The features with a MailFoundry account include unlimited filters per domain, keyword and attachment type filtering, a spam attack detection tool that updates every 60 seconds, options for handling your junk mail as well as advanced anti-virus tools that include detailed reports so that you can see just how many threats the service was able to thwart.

The standard support options include email and phone support from 8am to 5pm central. If you need assistance at off-hours, these requests can be emailed or you can utilize their self-service form on their site. If you need extra assistance, MailFoundry does offer 24/7 support options for an additional fee. Since this service is pretty straight forward, most users should not need to worry about this option.

MailFoundry is a great choice if you don’t currently have anti-spam software running on your server, or if you feel that it is not doing an adequate job. Having to change your DNS records may put off some customers, but overall, this is a nice service that is reasonably priced.

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Posted on 02/24/06 2:31 AM

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