Media3’s Value Plus plan offers instant set-up a number of features that are typically not included with similar hosting plans. This particular hosting plan would be a good fit for a small company looking to set-up a new internet presence, or for a non-commercial site that needs more features than standard budget hosts can provide. There are several different plans available at Media3 as well as platforms, but for this review we will focus on their top Unix-based shared hosting plan.

The Value Plus plan includes 400 megs of diskspace and 10 gigs of bandwidth. As is becoming more popular with hosting companies, you are limited to 2 million hits per month. This is the major downside for this hosting company, since so many hosts still offer unlimited traffic plans. If your site has a great deal of traffic, this plan is not recommended, specifically because the action Media3 will take if you exceed this amount is not specified on their site.

There is no set-up fee with Media3’s shared hosting plans, which does make this account more attractive. A webbased control panel, 24/7 FTP access and traffic stats via Analog are provided. If you prefer another statistic program, you may have to use either Google Analytics or install your own program on your site.

20 email accounts are included as well as webmail access, unlimited forwarding and autoresponders. The amount of email account is a little light, given that many hosting plans in this price point feature several hundred email accounts. However, for a personal or small business site, this may not be an issue.

A firewall is provided free of charge as well as a free shared SSL certificate. This makes it easy to quickly set-up an ecommerce site and can save you a couple hundred dollars over the long term if you don’t have to purchase your own certificate. The standard script library is provided, but as of this writing, no other included blog or CMS scripts were provided with this hosting plan.

Toll-free telephone support and email support is provided around the clock and tape back-ups of your site are also included. Bottom line, this is a solid hosting plan, but if you need a lot of bells and whistles with your site, you may need to look elsewhere.

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